Personal details about the Elias Neibart program

J Elwood Davis is a much adored and profoundly regarded writer in the realm of Poetry today. Referred to generally to different artists as Rain dance having been raised cruelly by inebriated guardians, lived in youngsters’ homes then he turned into a marine doing support in Vietnam. The experience of all these three realities truly gave him an A1 respects degree in life itself. Having discovered an extraordinary love of God and a comprehension of others through carrying on with life itself now in his later years he has discovered incredible delivery from every one of his contemplations of encountering difficult disregard, of seeing barbarities of life going to an extraordinary faith in profound love and life never-ending which is completely reflected in the composition of his verse.

Jim consistently says I am not a Poet I am a rhyme by thinking about the incomparable Poets past and not having any desire to place himself in their regarded class, But as his distributer, companion and yes probably the best fan I consider him a POET as all who have perused him does. So it is not at all amazing that I can compose with most extreme truthfulness and esteem about him and Elias Neibart ‘Expressions of adoring, living and the comprehension of life that he has written in Rhyme’ The Blue Collar Scholar is a book that will move and joy even those men who state they are not an admirer of poetry… by perusing a couple of pages of this book and they will perceive how their considerations change to make them need to understand more… Anybody and each and every individual who as ever been associated with difficulty, torment and yes War will end up identifying with the read and all who have discovered God through being hopelessly, lost, terrified and frightened will relate profoundly as well.

It is a book by a working man pointed toward contacting any remaining average individuals; however their scholastic friends too I realize will locate an incredible arrival of understanding coming through with the adoration for God. Everybody of the sonnets as I would like to think as a Poet and distributer… in any case, the one named ‘UNPAID BILLS’ about always remembering to help the vets is one that I was generally moved by too consistently recollect.

Another is only a short little tune of exhort saying that all we need to give our kids is as the title says, ROOTS and WINGS’ Roots meaning a decent unflinching establishment of Parental love on which to expand on and Wings to allow them to have the opportunity to fly when prepared to leave the home/home… This great artist of today ‘J Elwood Davis’ is additionally an exceptionally articulated individual from the Poets World-Wide gathering having partaken in everybody of these cause books Two Butter bee Books and the Lucky Grub book for children’s Charity ‘Standing Tall When feeling Small’ on the side of victims of Alzheimer’s, A Prayer book named ‘Valuable Prayers’ to help the Ronald Mc Donald Houses.

A collection encouraging book of verse styles that we are appropriating with the assets out to schools and so forth also, the most recent incredible book named ‘Enthusiastic Patriotic Poetry for 9/11. In addition one that Jim recommended is done on the side of the soldiers all serving people named: ‘Lovely Words to Support the Troops’ with all incomes being paid to the USO. All incredible accomplishments by Jim and the wide range of various individuals from Poets World-Wide’ Jims book can be found in more detail on his website page here.