emf dangers

Every one need everything which may affect you, check before you use

There is a lot of change in our regular times, in our regular life style, dressing style, and even the electronic gadgets which we us. Using electronic gadgets will release some type of waves, which is known as electromagnetic waves or millimetre waves or it is also called as radiation. This electromagnetic field is very harmful for health. EMF and pregnancy is a point to be kept in mind. The electromagnetic waves are very dangerous for the pregnant women.

By using electronic gadgets, high level of EMF radiation is released, which is very harmful for a pregnant women. Because of this high-level radiation of EMF there will be miscarriages for the pregnant women.

There is no better feeling than the moment of life inside you.

Everyone is different, everyone life is different, everyone body is different, everyone will have different birth experience. After expecting all of this in their life, if any miscarriage happen to the women, then definitely she will go to depression. Even though everything went well and she gave birth to the baby, then the baby will not be healthy, the baby may not have proper weight or the baby will born with the skin, which will be with wrinkles, the brain will not be developed properly. Now a days it is very common of using mobile phones, laptops, headphones etc. which will cause a lot of radiation. In early stages of pregnancy there will be chances for miscarriage but after some months there occurs abortion or infertility in the women. So women have to be safe and should take precautions.