Bringing You The Best Of Trend And Technology- 180 Time Freeze

Photo Booth 180 time freeze comes with custom wallpapers.

Theofficial 180 time freeze gesture is also known as Bullet Time. This multi-lens boot diversifies your work with the latest technology, using metric effects to create 180-degree dynamic GIFs. Jump or swim in the air for fun and admire the software until it stops at some point.


  • The 180 compartment freezer features world-class features with a 9-channel high-definition refrigeration platform to make your brand marketing more commercial.
  • You can also create Graphics Interchange videos from custom 180-degree rotation backgrounds.
  • By combining your brand logo and music, you can create a high-quality end product that customers can easily download and share on social media.

See the magic work

  • Enter the photo zone with a dedicated charger.
  • Your assistant will guide you through the shoot and countdown. Guests can jump and pose in every possible way.
  • Visitors can view 180 static videos and send emails. A standard hard copy is provided as a reminder.

An elegant and compact multi-lens system with a large layout is included.

Book your 180 time freeze, and they will provide you with a custom installation at an affordable price. Place the two sets at right angles to each other and let them sit for 30-45 minutes—a custom photo booth backdrop made of foam. Laminated Adhesives and Aluminum Frames Choose from a standard gallery or use an image positioning script.

Fast and reliable system

After setting the camera background (30 minutes), you need nine cameras. Once configured, the system can be used in any session without further configuration, and the 180 block set includes video, GIF printing, and guest emailing. It guarantees video resolution or results that will always be the best.